Traditional Wedding Service Oldbury

I was commissioned to do a traditional wedding service in oldbury on the 10th September.

As with any traditional wedding service: I was at attendance at the church far in advance of the service starting, primed and ready to meet and greet any guests. By being there early, at a traditional wedding service in particular, I am able to ensure everything runs smoothly. For example, it extremely important that the order of service arrives on time and if needs be and the bride needs to be displayed, all parties involved can be managed in a relaxing way.

After the service, we will do a range of things to ensure that the wedding runs smooth: from helping the photographer to organise the guests, through to cutting the cake and serving the champagne at the end reception.

If you are interested in hiring Toastmaster Crockett to facilitate your traditional wedding service then please contact me on:

0121 544 1196

Alternatively find out how toastmastering could improve your wedding day.