Why Do I Need a Toastmaster?

Why do I need a Toastmaster? all you do is make a few announcements and stand out on some of our wedding photo’s in your red jacket.

If I had a pound for every time I heard that, I could have retired by now. The same goes for the other response I normally get….. “after seeing what you did, we realise what a mistake we made by not having a Toastmaster”

A lot of people do ask what we do and to try and put into a short sentence the best I can manage is: ‘I offer a complete on the day event management’.

So what exactly does that statement mean. Well from the moment you book me I am working for you. If you have any problems at all I will try and help you find a solution. At our 1st meeting, I will go through your entire day, from when you get to your Ceremony right up to your 1st dance. I will listen to what you want and give you some ideas as well. It will be my job on the day to make sure you get everything you want, when you want it.

Now you have booked me, we will meet up again about a month before (but of cause I am at the end of a phone or email, if you need any advice before that.) At the 2nd meeting we will go through everything again, doting the i’s and crossing the t’s so to speak. I will make contact with your venue and photographer so we can all work together to make sure your day runs smoothly.

On the day, I will be at the ceremony about an hour before your wedding service to make sure everything is in place and ready for you. I will help any guests that need it and also make sure your photographer get his shots and the same after the service. If your breakfast is at different venue, I will leave in plenty of time to be the 1st person there ready to greet, you and your guests.

When I arrive at your wedding breakfast the 1st thing I do is check what time they want to serve your breakfast. This is so I can start planning everything else. We normally get the photographies 1st, I make sure your photographer gets all the shot he wants, as he is doing one group, I already know who he wants next and start arranging them for him, its amazing how much quicker the photos are taken.

Its now time for your wedding breakfast, so I arrange your receiving line, so you can formally greet all your guests. Then the most important thing. I make sure you get 5 minutes by yourselves, please believe me it is the only time you will get to yourself all day. While your having 5 minutes, I will be making a few announcements to your guest and getting them ready to welcome you both in.

Now it’s your big entrance, I will announce you into your breakfast and escort you to your seats. If you want me to I will say blessing for you and your guest and then you can all enjoy that wedding breakfast you have been looking forward to.

After your meal, its time for the speeches. Announcing each speaker in turn and making sure all gifts and flowers are ready to be handed out. Most people then have the cake cutting. I gather all your guests around you and the cake. I organise a great little ceremony to cut the cake by. If it is required I will help clear the room, so the venue can get it ready for the evening.

Having already checked with you what time your evening entrainment is due, I will be double checking to make sure they are there and set up ready for your 1st Dance. Gathering all your family and friends round the dance floor, I announce you onto the dance floor. After one last double check to make sure everything is ok, I leave you to dance the night away.

Oh yes and the one thing I did forget, I do stand out on your photos