Why Have a Toastmaster

20140830_192129I have been asked many times, ‘what does the Toastmaster do?’. There are so many facets to the role, that you could end up with just a long list so I’ve decided to decipher it down into just a small sentence. A Toastmaster, provides on the day event management, and offers support leading up to your wedding day.

So this in a short sentence this encapsulates what your Toastmaster does for you. He takes the stress out of the lead up to your wedding, and more importantly on your wedding day. Please don’t be one of those numerous people who come to me at the end of a wedding and say ‘I wish we had had a Toastmaster for our wedding’.

Lots of couples getting engaged either over the Christmas period or on Valentine’s Day. So that you can have a stressfree buildup and wedding day, please contact me as dates for the coming year are filling up extremely fastly.