Why Insure your wedding?

You do not even want to think about your venue letting you down on your wedding day, but what happens if your venue goes bankrupt a couple of weeks before your wedding?   You might think that this will never happen to you, but it might!

If you're having your wedding breakfast at one of the big reputable establishments or if you are using a venue that stands alone, has been going for years, you might think you have nothing to worry about.  With these uncertain times nothing can be guaranteed. Some very big companies have gone under, let alone small ones.

So if it was me, I would look into Insurance.   With premiums from around £25 to cover a £25,000 cost of wedding, it does seem to be a good idea.  As with all insurance it is very important to get independent advice.

Just food for thought but a few of  my fellow Toastmasters within the English Toastmasters Association have had this happen to one of their couples.  Do not forget, if your venue lets you down all your other suppliers will still expect a payment, either a cancellation fee or a full payment depending on how long before your wedding day.